We take firearms and quality hay as trade in. Every horse sold comes with a Negative Coggins, a Clean Health Report and a new Halter and Lead.

Case Of A Gunslinger

2021, 15h, AQHA Red Roan filly

Sire: Gunslinger Chic (Smart Chic Olena x Playgun)

Dam: Case Of Steppin Up (Hansome Roanie Boy by Gill Bars)

Big tall filly. Own daughter of Gunslingin Chic by Smart Chic OLena. Royal pedigree. 100% sound. She just got taller than what I want. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.



2022, AQHA Buttermilk Buckskin filly

Sire: Mr Joes Money Man (Mr Joes Song by Mr Baron Red)

Dam: JJM Red Hot (Monsiuer Red Buck by Two Eyed Red Buck)

This gorgeous Buttermilk Buckskin filly is bred to perform. Great looking, correctly made filly. She's eligible for the Iowa Ranch Horse Futurity as a yearling, two year old, three year old and as a four year old. Halter broke and ready to go.

Sold to Nebraska - Thanks Maddie


2022, APHA Dun Tobiano filly

Sire: Diaman H Strait Breez (Strait From Texas x Ris Key Business)

Dam: Sherer Dun Hollywood (Scenic Star Mark x Sonny Dee Bar)

Loud colored Dun Tobiano. Great pedigree. This mare always gives us a nice foal. She'll be a big, stout filly. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.


HF Color Me Art "Rusty"

2017, 16.2, APHA Chestnut Tobiano gelding

Sire: CHF Spanish Artist (MBF Step Aside)

Dam: HF Shiny Contender (Skips Artist x Skips Artist)

Our client must sell the beautiful Gentle Giant. He is as safe as they come! She was able to clumsily climb up his left side via 3-step mounting block and the shimmy down to the ground from his right side to land with her good leg. Regardless of her mounting or dismounting, he didn't even move an inch! Since she wasn't a baby any more and therefore didn't need a baby sitter, he became her caretaker. Please know that the only reason she is selling him is that he has grown a little too tall for her to mount. Rusty neck reins, and has a nice smooth walk trot and lope. He leads, loads, tie, clips and stands well for the farrier. He's easy while being bridled, saddled and/or mounted. Taking him to his very first horse show was a breeze because nothing seemed to phase him. He listened and obeyed her every subtle request. This Gentle Giant is eager to please!


WKM Ima Blackburn "Big Buck"

2018, 16h, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Ima Red Buck Tyree (Monsieur Red Buck by Two Eyed Red Buck)

Dam: Betsy Blue Sugar (Mr Blackburn Duece x Cloud Walker)

Big Buck is a true gentle giant. Anyone in America can safely ride this gelding. Been trail ridden. Crosses water, ditches, bridges, etc. Dogs, traffic, 4-wheelers no problem. Easy to catch, comes to you in a forty acre pasture. Loads great. Stands tied quietly. Goes anywhere he's asked. He's been called the "Bulldozer" by our trail riding buddies. Fearless. Stays broke. Ride him every day or three times a year, he's the same horse. NO buck. NO bad habits. Super solid, honest gelding. Has his entire life ahead of him. He's a 50,000. Head horse in the making. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to California - Thanks Travis, Maria and Zoe

My Boy Charlie

2018, 15.1, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Feisty Fritz Gerald (Dallas Fritz x Zans Rawhide)

Dam: Roman Paradise (Romans Baby Boy x Im A Jet Set)

Charlie is a one owner, farm raised gelding. Not been traded around. He's been trail ridden. Crosses creeks etc. Dogs, traffic, farm equipment - no problem. Good handle. Responds to leg pressure. Flexes well. Sidepasses. Drops his head to bridle with pressure on his poll. Ground ties. Rides out alone. Rides bareback. Rides in a halter or a bit. Collects up and gives his face. Charlie has checked cattle. Gathered/moved cattle. Kids as young as eight ride him in the arena. Extremely people friendly. He has done some packing - saddle bags, rain coats, etc. He lopes small controlled circles. He's the type horse that can sit awile and ride off quietly. Doesn't have to be ridden everyday. Super nice, great colored young gelding. Any questions please give me a call at 660-483-0648.


Rawhide Monkey

2020, 14.2, AQHA Palomino mare

Sire: Dually Monkey (Dual Pep x Chunkys Monkey)

Dam: Zan Otoe Bubbles (Zans Rawhide x Doc Sealy)

Cute, cute Palomino two year old mare. Raised here at Porter Quarter Horses. Super quiet and good natured. My trainer had her for twenty days. Lots of ground work and about 14 rides. Opens gates. Backs. Crosses water. Crosses bridges. Traffic safe. Dog safe. Doing beyond great for 14 rides. She will make someone a super nice rider. We take firearms in on trade. We take firearms in on trade.


Silver Spur Jackson "Spur"

2021 14.3, AQHA Dun Roan stallion

Sire: Silver Spur Hancock (Silver Blue Hancock x Claytons Romeo Drift)

Dam: Jakes Wild Rose (Starway Jack x Tee J Johnny Finger)

Spur is a big stout, good boned, easy going Stallion/Performance prospect. As docile and quiet as any I've handled. Born on the local Spader Ranch. Ranching Heritage eligible. Spur is an unusual color. Looks Bay Roan, but has the dorsal stripe. Beautiful colt. AQHA papers in hand. Bright future for this unique colt. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Arkansas - Thanks Laken

Packin Chrome

2019, 15.2, ApHC Sorrel Blanketed gelding

Sire: Hez A Pretty Package (The Pakcage x Oh Gal So Pretty)

Dam: A Tipsy Secret (The Secret Is Out x Step Appeal)

Chrome is a gorgeous, 2019 ApHC gelding. Gentle, beginner safe. Been trail ridden. Gathered a few cattle. He's been ridden by a two year old girl to a 76 year old man. Neck reins. Backs. Loads good. Stands tied quietly. EASY to catch. Fall of 2021 he spent ten days at the giant trail ride/campout/party in Emminence, Missouri, all ten under the 76 year old man. Beautiful gelding inside and out. Great minded. Any questions please give me a call at 660-483-0648.

Sold to North Dakota - Thanks Randy

Color Me QT

2021, APHA Black Tobiano filly

Sire: Dunnits QT Dynasty (Hollywood Dunnit x QT Poco Streke)

Dam: Lena Smart (Color Me Smart x Doc Tivoli)

Athletic, great colored Tobiano filly. Sire is an APHA Point earner and money winner. Dam is by an own son of the great Color Me Smart. Quick and catty. She has a very bright future. We take firearms in on trade.


SCQH Caseys Cat

2020, 14.2 ,AQHA Red Roan filly

Sire: SCQH Watch King Cat (Palo Duro Cat by High Brow Cat)

Dam: SCQH Blue Star Bar (Drifts Chip x High Rolling Roany)

Quick, athletic, handy, well bred filly. Great color. Quiet, easy to get along with. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Michigan - Thanks Amelia

PQH Oklahoma Rawhide "Matt"

2018, 15.2, AQHA Bay gelding

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: CC Star Ana (Star Bango x Starbert Champ)

Matt has been with a large cow/calf operation the past two years. Professionally trained as a two year old. Matt is used to check cows. Gather cows/calves. Used to tag new calves. Used to check fence/water gaps. Had a rope swung off him. Had some ground work done working the rope. SUPER quiet disposition. Soft in the face. Loose rein. Goes anywhere on the trail. Stands tied quietly. Never misses a step when loading. Good solid gelding with a good solid start. Exellent Head horse prospect. Already a trustworthy mount on the trail. Born here at Porter Quarter Horses. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Illinios - Thanks Angela

Crimson Eyed Jack

2014, 15.1, AQHA Buckskin/Brown gelding

Sire: Bartender Joe Jack (Joe Jack Honey Bar x Two ID Bartender)

Dam: Chippy Lee Bar (Crims My Daddy x Jack D Mac)

Crimson Eyed Jack has been sold to the movie set for the popular western series "Yellowstone". He will be Rips mount in a few Yellowstone episodes. Then he'll be Tim McGraws mount in the upcoming Yellowstone prequel "1883" which is about how the Yellowstone ranch got it's start. It'll be exciting to watch him in these two movies. Thanks Taylor.

Quattros Remedy

2020, 14.2, APHA Palomino stallion

Sire: Very Nu Remedy (Smart Little Lena x Nu Chex To Cash)

Dam: Two Eyed Joy (Skipalong Buck x The General)

Quattro is a very docile, great minded colt. Blaze face, four stockings. Beautiful colt. Stallion prospect or high dollar gelding prospect. Super easy to get along with. Stands tied quietly. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Nebraska - Thanks Joe

Dually Monkey

2015, 14.3, AQHA Black stallion

Sire: Monkey Cjue Bar (Cat Olena Cue Bar x Chunkys Monkey)

Dam: Sallys Got A Dually (Dual Pep x Doc Fair)

Dually is quick, catty, and knows where his feet are. Ridden 60 days. Tough kind of a horse. Sires correct, athletic foals that are sure to perform. Pics on our Mares page. Peppy San, Doc OLena, Smart Little Lena, Peppy San Badger, Son Ofa Doc all just off his face papers. Pedigree full of name brand performance horses. Pasture bred. I have three crops by him. Keeping his fillys. Good breeder. Easy to keep around. Catch him in a pasture full of mares. Loads great. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Chicago - Thanks Fidel


2021, Sorrel Roan filly

Sire: Dual R Smokin (Dual Pep, Peptoboonsmal, Mr Gun Smoke)

Dam: Spoonin (Hes A Peptospoonful x Docs Lynx)

2021 Chestnut Roan filly by the great Dual R Smokin, NCHA earner of $220,000.00. Dual R Smokin is the Sire of offspring with NCHA earnings in excess of $3,000,000. Her Dam, Spoonin, is an NCHA earner of $15,442.00 and an own daughter of Hes A Peptospoonful - NCHA earner of $72,000.00 and Sire of offspring with earnings in excess of $8,000,000.00. Her Dam, Shania Cee, is an NCHA Open Futurity Champion. Spoonin and Sophisticated Cat, LTE $192,507.00 and 3x World Champion are both out of the phenomenal mare- Shania Cee. Really catty. We take firearms in on trade. Heres your chance to own a piece of the past, and a piece of the future at the same time !

Sold here in Missouri - Thanks Bill

Playboy Cinco De Mayo "Junior"

2009, 15.1, APHA Palomino Overo gelding

Sire: Playboy Flit (Payback Playboy by Freckles Playboy)

Dam: American Hustler (Reds Hustler x American Gun)

Junior was bred and born at Porter Quarter Horses. Juniors Sire was bred and born at Porter Quarter Horses. Juniors mother was my daughters first Walk/Trot mare. Junior has been my personal riding horse for the past eight years. He's never bucked, ran off, pulled back, kicked, bit, reared up, etc. He loads like a dream. Stands tied - quietly. Good for the farrier. He has never refused to go where I asked him. Creeks, bridges, downed electric fence, whatever. I put him in one match race against a buddy of mine, which he won handily. Junior has been on the annual Pizz Ridge Trail ride/cookout numerous times. My grandkids ride him in the round pen. All five of my grandkids started on Junior. Several members of my wifes family took their first horse ride on Junior. I've used him on numerous occasions to gather cows/calves for buddies. He'll hold his own chasing cows. Soft in the face. Good neck rein, comes off his inside hind foot. Loose rein. Can't say enough about Junior. NOT ONE hole in him. I just don't ride much anymore. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Florida - Thanks Mary

VW Blu AB Hancock "Cowboy"

2020, AQHA, Buckskin Roan stallion

Sire: Whata Smokey Cash (Nu Cash Cow by Nu Cash)

Dam: Blu Abby Hancock (Blue Buddy Hancock x Bean Hancock)

Cowboy is a unique colored, well bred, athletic Stallion prospect. Buckskin roan. He's quiet to be around. No meanness. Really catty and athletic.BIG pretty eye. 65 next to his tail is his mothers pasture number. 20 on the other side of his tail is his birth year. Both down. Teeth good. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Mississippi - Thanks again Roger. We appreciate your business


2003, 14.3, AQHA Red Roan mare

Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful (Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena)

Dam: Shania Cee (Peppys Boy 895 x Docs Lynx)

Spoonin (5 panel N/N)is an NCHA earner of $15,442.00. Her Sire, Hes A Peptospoonful, is an NCHA earner of $72,000.00 and Sire of offspring with earning in excess of $8,000,000.00. Her Dam, Shania Cee, is an NCHA Open Futurity Champion. Spoonin and Sophisticated Cat, LTE $192,507.00 and 3x AQHA World Champion are both out of the phenomenal mare-Shania Cee. Vet checked in foal to our Junior Stallion One Time Sannman for a 2022 foal.We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Georgia - Thanks Angela

Two Be Poco Jessie "Jessie"

2019, 15h, AQHA Gray mare

Sire: Talk Straight At Sea (Topsail Tony x Wranglers Dun Packin)

Dam: Banditos Lil Miss (Poco Stripes Jessie x Smokey Leo Whiz)

Gorgeous Gray filly. Great pedigree. Athletic, fluid way of moving. As pretty a head and neck as they put on one. Several great horses in her pedigree like - Topsail Cody, Mr Illuminator, Docs Wrangler, Poco Stripe and one of my favorites of all time, Smokey Duster Too.100% sound. Easy keeper.

Sold to Iowa - Thanks Michael & Hailey

CJ Rowdy Figure "Apache"

2015, 15.1, AQHA Blue Roan gelding

Sire: LV Blue Hancock (Figurefourwoody534 x Blue Apache Hancock)

Dam: Rockwood Smug Harlan (Ciderwood x Mr Blackburn Harlan)

Apache is as honest, as broke, as trustworthy as they come. Used on a Ranch to Rope & Doctor cattle. You can rope a steer/cow and go to lunch. He'll be holding it when you get back. He's been used to rope and drag calves to the fire. Apache has been used in a growing yard, moving, sorting, driving, penning calves. He's been used to check Yearlings on pasture and doctor one when the need comes up. He will sidepass both ways to open gates. An older fella bought Apache as a baby. He raised him, trained him and spent eight hours a day, everyday, using him. The gentlemans older wife also rode Apache Trail riding. Apache is as honest a gelding as I've listed. Smooth lope. Smooth trot. Good ground covering walk. Rides alone and doesn't sqeal around. Crosses water, ditches,etc. Gorgeous Blue Roan color. He's the right kind. This kind brings twice this price in the big auctions out west. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Alabama - Thanks Fred

Rios Peeking In My TP "Rio"

2018, 14.3, APHA Red Roan Overo gelding

Sire: Weavers Okie Boon (Merada Ima Boonsmal by Peptoboonsmal)

Dam: Norfleets Tinker Bell (Norfleets Priazzo by Mr Norfleet)

Rio is an extremely athletic 2 year old gelding Performance prospect. Great color. Red Roan Overo, big belly spot. Super handy on his feet. Like to keep him, but just can't keep em all. Bright future for this colt. He's been with the trainer for two weeks as of June 26, and doing great. They love him at the barn. We take hay and firearms as trade in. Delivery available.

Sold to Martha's Vineyard - Thanks Nathan

Rawhide Rolex "Rolex"

2018, 15.2, APHA Black Tobiano gelding

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: Brandees Rolex (A Tru Rolex x Jacks Brand)

Rawhide Rolex is a special kind of a colt. Very well bred. Very well made. GREAT color ! Fluid mover. Quick and catty on his feet. Stands tied all day. Great colt. I truly think this colt could do most any discipline. Hate selling him. I just can't keep them all, and I have no help! APHA papers in hand. His Sire is a smutty buckskin, own son of Zans Rawhide. His Dam is a 16 year old, own daughter of the great A Tru Rolex. In training now with a top/proven trainer. 30 or so rides on him and doing great. Harmless, easy to get along with disposition. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Virginia - Thanks Anna


2020, ApHC Blue Roan Blanketed colt

Sire: Watch Me Move (Andrews Bartender x Hawkeye Rock)

Dam: Shy Love A Fair (Dakotah Proud x Four Wheelin PR)

Great colored ApHC Stallion prospect. He is by two ApHC parents and I believe that this colt will be a 100% color producer. Great colt. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold locally - Thanks Jennifer

Kings Blue Cotton "King"

2019, APHA Black stallion

Sire: Cotton Dixon (Blue Max x Dixon Image)

Dam: Kings Nifty Lady (Bostons Leo Mac x Mr Easy Money)

King is a gorgeous yearling true Black Stallion. Stays Black. Perfect head. Big eye. Long neck. Big hip. Teeth match up good. Vet checked both down. Great colored colt with a bright future. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to New Mexico - Thanks Manuel

Unnamed "Cat"

2019, AQHA Red Roan colt/stallion prospect

Sire: Cat Ichi (LTE $306,000) (High Brow Cat x Laney Doc (Prod. of $1,300,000)

Dam: Spookys Chopard (LTE $2600) One Time Pepto (LTE $331,000) x San Starlight (Prod of $1,500,000)

Cat is an own son of Cat Ichi (LTE $306,000.) by the great horse Highbrow Cat (recently deceased). Cat Ichis Dam, Laney Doc - producer of over $1,300,000. Cat is a 3/4 brother to Spooked By A Cat (LTE $345,000.) - Cat Ichis 2nd highest All Time Money Earner. Cats Dam is an NCHA Money Earning daughter of One Time Pepto (LTE $331,000.) out of the great mare,San Starlight, producer of over $1,500,000. Maternal sisters include - Spookys Cash (LTE $284,000.), Reyzin The Cash (LTE $ 278,000.) If you want the REAL DEAL, here he is. 5 panel N/N.Great roan color. Quiet disposition. Money maker.

Sold to Arizona - Thanks Ruben and best of luck with Cat

2018, AQHA Bay stallion

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: CC Star Ana (Star Image x Guthrie Double Star)

Old school foundation bred yearling stallion/performance prospect. Sire is 22 years old and an own son of Zans Rawhide. Dam is 23 years old and line bred Oklahoma Star & Bert. Great colored colt. Big pretty eye. As quiet, easy going, teachable and docile a colt as I've handled. Bright future for this young colt. Reluctantly for sale. Just can't keep em all. AQHA papers applied for, be back soon. We take firearms and hay as trade in. Delivery available.

Sold locally to my buddy Matt - Thank you

"Bill" and "Bo"

2012 and 2013, 15.1, Friesian, Percheron, AQHA geldings

Bill & Bo are by a Black Friesian/Percheron Sire, out of a great Blue Roan AQHA mare. They are 3 and 4 year olds. Both 15.1 Full brothers. Wears a 21" collar. Broke to drive. Been to the Colorado mountains. Very fancy pair. Used by the Amish to mow hay, haul in big bales, etc. Both have lots of pull. Lots of hours for their age. Started under saddle and riding great. These two should stay together. $17,000. buys the pair. Vet check welcome. Coggins and Clean health report furnished. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.

Sold to Texas -Thank You



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