We take firearms and quality hay as trade in. Every horse sold comes with a Negative Coggins, a Clean Health Report and a new Halter and Lead.


2015, 14.3, Black Point Dun gelding

Super broke, beginner friendly, kid friendly gelding. Perfect size. Stout, bulldog type build. Lopes nice tight, SMOOTH, circles. Been ridden by women/kids,etc. Ridden down the road and into town and gone through the local Dairy Queen drive thru, many times. Real broke, super safe geldings like this one are very hard to find. He will sell quickly, so don't blame me if you are looking for the right horse, and miss this one. I have two short videos I can send. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.


Dunnys Bell "Bell"

2014, 15.1, APHA Red Dun mare

Sire: Brooks Dun (Colonel Freckles x Tuff Little Lena)

Dam: JRS Dunny Jet (Jet Jetty x My Sugar King)

Bell is as solid broke, as quiet, as harmless, as they come. Ridden by teenage girls. Ridden by four year old girls. Ridden by adults. Done some roping. Done some Penning. Has been shown the Barrel pattern. She doesn't have enough gumption for any of those. She's a super quiet, solid, not gonna run off, not gonna buck you off, not gonna hurt you, kindof mare. Just this fall she carried the flag at a local rodeo in the grand entry, ten days in a row. SUPER broke. Super quiet. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.


MW Pocos High Brow "Crickett"

2017, 15.2, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Pocos Cracker (Poco Tivio Chex by Jessie Tivio)

Dam: Catapult Peppy (Cattacular by High Brow Cat)

Crickett is an extremely broke, great looking young gelding. Great one hand rein and can really get around. Drags/crosses tarps. He's dragged tires/logs,etc. He's fine with road traffic. He's ponied colts to start them. Sidepasses. He'll one step off into a smooth fluid lope. We've cracked whips off him. Shot guns off him. All no problem. Carried flags on him, no problem. Trail rides great. Very very nice horse. These kind are getting harder and harder to find, and costing more and more money. This is a great price on a top quality young gelding. We take firearms in on trade.

$15,000 - Deposit received

Gunnin For The Dough "CW"

2017, 15.1, AQHA Gray gelding

Sire: Guitar Gun (Playgun x Smart Little Lena)

Dam: Shes One Hot Moma (Jackie Bee x Bartenders Memory)

CW is a great looking, well bred young gelding. He has a nice handle to him. Collects up good. Super smooth, pretty lope. Quiet,easy going. Kids around here have ridden him. Great young gelding. We take firearms in on trade.


Docs Tuff Zip "Cotton"

2013, 15.2, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Docs Tuffy Hank (Prescriptions Hank by Docs Prescription)

Dam: MCR Okio Zip (Dingo Dog x Zebra Step)

Cotton in a finished Ranch horse. Roped/doctored in the pasture. Roped the dummy in the arena. Great stop. He'd make a great arena horse. One step lopes off. Sidepasses. Carries his head down where you want it. Trail rides and goes anywhere you ask. Cotton is a one owner gelding. We got him from the Ranch he was born on. Nice solid, honest gelding. We take firearms in on trade.


Freeckles Playboy Two "Twinky"

2016, 15.1, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Mr Freckles Playboy (Payback Playboy by Freckles Playboy)

Dam: Sugar Lady White Sox (Sugar Rocket x Fast Air)

Gorgeous young Palomino gelding. One hand broke. Pretty lope to him. Mostly used trail riding. Nice gelding with a bright future. Lots of ways he is ready to go. We take firearms in on trade.



2014, 16h, Sorrel Roan gelding

Boon is a finished Ranch horse deluxe. Big, stout, raw boned gelding. Used for all aspects of Ranch work on a Kansas cattle Ranch. Used once a week at the local cattle sale in town. BROKE, BROKE, BROKE. He's the right kind if you want a great partner in your Ranch work. Trail rides too. We take firearms in on trade.



2020, AQHA Bay colt

Sire: Ima Red Buck Tyree (Monsieur Red Buck by Two Eyed Red Buck)

Dam: MT Jackie Buzz (Bartenders Buckeye x Eddie Eighty)

Red is a very well made, very correct, Stallion and or Performance prospect. Later colt. 7 weeks in the photo. Big, typey stand up colt. We take firearms in on trade.


Big Pistol

2020, AQHA Bay Roan colt

Sire: Heza Lil Playgun (Playgun x Grays Starlight)

Dam: Starbert Katrina (Guthrie Double Star x Harlan)

Big Pistol is a royally bred, great colored, Stallion/Performance prospect. His Sire is an own son of Playgun. His Dam is an own daughter of Grays Starlight. Playgun, Freckles Playboy and Grays Starlight will remain on his face papers. Very bright future for Big Pistol. Deposit holds him until he's weaned. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.

Sale Pending

FQH Genuine Blast

2009, 15.1, AQHA Sorrel mare

Sire: Blast O Whiskey (Paddys Irish Whiskey by Peppy San Badger)

Dam: HF Taris Genuine 007 (Genuine 007 by Genuine Doc)

Royally bred broodmare. Easy to handle. In foal to Dually Monkey, Dual Pep x Chunkys Monkey for a May 2021 foal. Three for three last three years. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade

Sold to North Carolina - Thanks Kimberly

STFN DJ Cowboy "Shiner"

2016, 15.1, AQHA Grulla gelding

Sire: CDJ Lucky Buck Sage (Blackburn Pretty Boy x Poco Padishah)

Dam: Two Miss Hancock (TS Travelin Blue Dan x HHR Blue Attitide)

Extremely seasoned Trail horse. He's been to Emminence on the week long Trail ride numerous times. He's been to Big Piney. He's been to South Dakota trail riding/camping. He's been to the Shawnee National Forest Trail riding more times than you can count. All with a lady rider. Great colored, trustworthy Trail horse. We take firearms in on trade.


BCQH Ramlin Rose "Rose"

2012, 15h, AQHA Buckskin mare

Sire: DF Kings Docs Frost (Sun Frost x Enterprising King)

Dam: Wakopa Miss Deanna (Worthy Rey x Wakopa Mister Rey)

Rose is a beautiful Buttermilk Buckskin mare. Great pedigree, Sun Frost, Worthy Rey and Enterprising King are all on her face papers. She's been trail ridden extensively. She's tracked several steers. She's Headed a handful of live steers. Rose is sure broke, but not a beginner type horse. She's wants to do her job. A forward moving horse. No buck. Young lady has been riding her. Rose is started on the barrels. Really nice mare. Tacks up quiet, stands quiet. Old scar on a back hoof she's had all along. Ridden barefoot and stays sound. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Secret Passage Ranch in Virginia - Thanks again Don

CJ Rowdy Figure "Apache"

2015, 15.1, AQHA Blue Roan gelding

Sire: LV Blue Hancock (Figurefourwoody534 x Blue Apache Hancock)

Dam: Rockwood Smug Harlan (Ciderwood x Mr Blackburn Harlan)

Apache is as honest, as broke, as trustworthy as they come. Used on a Ranch to Rope & Doctor cattle. You can rope a steer/cow and go to lunch. He'll be holding it when you get back. He's been used to rope and drag calves to the fire. Apache has been used in a growing yard, moving, sorting, driving, penning calves. He's been used to check Yearlings on pasture and doctor one when the need comes up. He will sidepass both ways to open gates. An older fella bought Apache as a baby. He raised him, trained him and spent eight hours a day, everyday, using him. The gentlemans older wife also rode Apache Trail riding. Apache is as honest a gelding as I've listed. Smooth lope. Smooth trot. Good ground covering walk. Rides alone and doesn't sqeal around. Crosses water, ditches,etc. Gorgeous Blue Roan color. He's the right kind. This kind brings twice this price in the big auctions out west. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Alabama - Thanks Fred

Rios Peeking In My TP "Rio"

2018, 14.3, APHA Red Roan Overo gelding

Sire: Weavers Okie Boon (Merada Ima Boonsmal by Peptoboonsmal)

Dam: Norfleets Tinker Bell (Norfleets Priazzo by Mr Norfleet)

Rio is an extremely athletic 2 year old gelding Performance prospect. Great color. Red Roan Overo, big belly spot. Super handy on his feet. Like to keep him, but just can't keep em all. Bright future for this colt. He's been with the trainer for two weeks as of June 26, and doing great. They love him at the barn. We take hay and firearms as trade in. Delivery available.

Sold to Martha's Vineyard - Thanks Nathan

Big Boy

2015, 16.1, Draft Cross Black Tobiano gelding

Big Boy is a true gentle giant. Kids ride him. Grandkids ride him. Crack a whip off him. Lays down on command. He's loaded semi's with cattle. Roped and dragged calves to the fire. He's had wild pigs hanging from the saddle horn - live ones ! He's dragged wild boars out of the timber by his tail ! Big Boy has shagged bulls. He has carried flags. He jumps. Been ridden English as well as western. One owner since he was a weanling. As smooth and fluid a lope as they put on one. Great, great horse. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.



2020 AQHA Grulla colt

Sire: Solanos Blackburn (Haidas Magic x Mr Poco Blackburn 019)

Dam: Kros Minnie (Krog Classy Cowboy x Krog Classy Cowboy)

25% down, payments OK. Cowboy is a big, stout, stand up colt. Old school foundation bloodlines. Proven performance/using horses. His Dam is Krog Classy Cowboy - top and bottom. Get him while you can. Colts like this one don't last long. 25% down holds him. Balance due by Sept. 1st. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Secret Passage Ranch in Virginia - Thanks again Don


2020 AQHA Palomino filly

Sire: Champagnencaviar Pip (Cougarand x Silver Poco King)

Dam: CHR Molly frost ( Sun Frost x Gay Dee Bar Doc)

Cotton is a great looking, well bred Palomino filly. Great color. Big, stout filly. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.



2020, AQHA Black Point Dun filly

Sire:Solanos Blackburn (Haidas Magic x Mr Poco Blackburn 019)

Dam: Poco Blackburn 152 (Mr Blackburn 41 x Mr Blackburn 40

Sue is a classic, black point Dun, NO white foundation bred filly. Keen little head. Long neck. Great Dun color. About as much Mr Blackburn 40 as you'll find. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.


2020, APHA Bay Tobiano filly

Sire: Dunnits QT Dynasty (Hollywood Dun It x QT Poco Streke)

Dam: Lena Smart (Color Me Smart x Doc Olena)

25% down. Pymts OK. Very athletic, very well bred Bay Tobiano filly. Own dgtr of APHA Point Earner, Money Earner, Dunnits QT Dynasty. Lopes endless circles around her mother. Slides to a stop and turns back the other way. Naturally athletic. 25% down holds her. Payments however you choose. Balance due Sept. 1st. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold here in Missouri - Thanks Sharon

Rawhide Rolex "Rolex"

2018, 15.2, APHA Black Tobiano gelding

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: Brandees Rolex (A Tru Rolex x Jacks Brand)

Rawhide Rolex is a special kind of a colt. Very well bred. Very well made. GREAT color ! Fluid mover. Quick and catty on his feet. Stands tied all day. Great colt. I truly think this colt could do most any discipline. Hate selling him. I just can't keep them all, and I have no help! APHA papers in hand. His Sire is a smutty buckskin, own son of Zans Rawhide. His Dam is a 16 year old, own daughter of the great A Tru Rolex. In training now with a top/proven trainer. 30 or so rides on him and doing great. Harmless, easy to get along with disposition. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Virginia - Thanks Anna

Fairfax Joe Dodds "Joe"

2019, AQHA Black Point Dun stallion

Sire: Fair Fax Dodds (Fairfax Joe Two x Peppy Marc)

Dam: Lisa Dodds Lady (Cap Kangaroo x Ken Dodds)

Great colored, locally raised, black point Dun Stallion. Halter broke. Broke to tie. Delivey available. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Ohio - Thanks Caroline


2020 ApHC Black Blanketed colt

Sire: Watch Me Move (Andrews Bartender x Hawkeye Rock)

Dam: Mystic Doc Maria (Mystic Print by Bold Print)

Cute blanketed ApHC colt. Some of the greats on his pedigree. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.



2020 ApHC Black Blanketed colt

Sire: Watch Me Move (Andrews Bartender x Hawkeye Rock)

Dam: Impossible Approval (Approval To Impress x Regal Contender)

25% down. Pymts OK. Big tall ApHC colt. Six hours old in this photo. He's gonna be a big one with great color. 25% down holds him. Payments however you prefer. Balance due Sept.1st. Delivery available. We take firearms in on trade.



2020, ApHC Blue Roan Blanketed colt

Sire: Watch Me Move (Andrews Bartender x Hawkeye Rock)

Dam: Shy Love A Fair (Dakotah Proud x Four Wheelin PR)

Great colored ApHC Stallion prospect. He is by two ApHC parents and I believe that this colt will be a 100% color producer. Great colt. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold locally - Thanks Jennifer


2020, AQHA Bay Roan colt

Sire: Smokey Blackburn 023 (Forty Caballeros x Mr Blackburn 023)

Dam: Continental Fergy (Double bred The Continental)

Big, tall, leggy colt. Destined to be a top Ranch horse with his breeding. Great Bay Roan color. Big hip. Long neck. He'll be a big horse one day. Delivery available. We take firearms/antiques in on trade.

Sold to Iowa - Thanks Hector and family


2020, APHA Sorrel Overo filly

Sire: Bobs Honey Papa (Mr Red Joe Hancock x Mr Red Paleface)

Dam: CD Hickory Rose (CD Olena x Gold Fingers)

Royally bred Sorrel Overo filly. Dam is a gray mare with some of the greats on her pedigree. Sire is a Black Overo just starting his roping career. He comes from a very long line of proven performance horses. Correct, great colored filly. We take firearms in on trade.


Kings Blue Cotton "King"

2019, APHA Black stallion

Sire: Cotton Dixon (Blue Max x Dixon Image)

Dam: Kings Nifty Lady (Bostons Leo Mac x Mr Easy Money)

King is a gorgeous yearling true Black Stallion. Stays Black. Perfect head. Big eye. Long neck. Big hip. Teeth match up good. Vet checked both down. Great colored colt with a bright future. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to New Mexico - Thanks Manuel

Unnamed "Cat"

2019, AQHA Red Roan colt/stallion prospect

Sire: Cat Ichi (LTE $306,000) (High Brow Cat x Laney Doc (Prod. of $1,300,000)

Dam: Spookys Chopard (LTE $2600) One Time Pepto (LTE $331,000) x San Starlight (Prod of $1,500,000)

Cat is an own son of Cat Ichi (LTE $306,000.) by the great horse Highbrow Cat (recently deceased). Cat Ichis Dam, Laney Doc - producer of over $1,300,000. Cat is a 3/4 brother to Spooked By A Cat (LTE $345,000.) - Cat Ichis 2nd highest All Time Money Earner. Cats Dam is an NCHA Money Earning daughter of One Time Pepto (LTE $ 331,000.) out of the great mare,San Starlight, producer of over $1,500,000. Maternal sisters include - Spookys Cash (LTE $284,000.), Reyzin The Cash (LTE $ 278,000.) If you want the REAL DEAL, here he is. 5 panel N/N.Great roan color. Quiet disposition. Money maker.

Sold to Arizona - Thanks Ruben and best of luck with Cat

2018, AQHA Bay stallion

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: CC Star Ana (Star Image x Guthrie Double Star)

Old school foundation bred yearling stallion/performance prospect. Sire is 22 years old and an own son of Zans Rawhide. Dam is 23 years old and line bred Oklahoma Star & Bert. Great colored colt. Big pretty eye. As quiet, easy going, teachable and docile a colt as I've handled. Bright future for this young colt. Reluctantly for sale. Just can't keep em all. AQHA papers applied for, be back soon. We take firearms and hay as trade in. Delivery available.

Sold locally to my buddy Matt - Thank you

"Bill" and "Bo"

2012 and 2013, 15.1, Friesian, Percheron, AQHA geldings

Bill & Bo are by a Black Friesian/Percheron Sire, out of a great Blue Roan AQHA mare. They are 3 and 4 year olds. Both 15.1 Full brothers. Wears a 21" collar. Broke to drive. Been to the Colorado mountains. Very fancy pair. Used by the Amish to mow hay, haul in big bales, etc. Both have lots of pull. Lots of hours for their age. Started under saddle and riding great. These two should stay together. $17,000. buys the pair. Vet check welcome. Coggins and Clean health report furnished. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.

Sold to Texas -Thank You



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