We take firearms and quality hay as trade in. Every horse sold comes with a Negative Coggins, a Clean Health Report and a new Halter and Lead.

2019, ApHC Black stallion

Sire: Ima Bartender Two (Andrews Bartender x Two Eyed Goer Win)

Dam: Midnight Lovafair (Extravagant Dream x Rollin A Little Doe)

Great colored, well mannered, personal type ApHC Stallion/Performance prospect. Broke to lead. Broke to tie. We take firearms as trade in. Delivery available.


Zippo Blue Mount " Buck"

2019, APHA Grulla Roan stallion

Sire: Zippo Blue Valentine (Blue Yahooty Hancock by Blues King Fisher)

Dam: Poco Royal Reina (Blacks Midas Touch x Big Red King)

Buck is a big, stout, raw boned colt. Unusual color. Broke to lead. Broke to tie. Papers in hand. Quality colt with a bright future. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Illinois - Thanks Bianca

Unnamed "Cat"

2019, AQHA Red Roan colt/stallion prospect

Sire: Cat Ichi (LTE $306,000) (High Brow Cat x Laney Doc (Prod. of $1,300,000)

Dam: Spookys Chopard (LTE $2600) One Time Pepto (LTE $331,000) x San Starlight (Prod of $1,500,000)

Cat is an own son of Cat Ichi (LTE $306,000.) by the great horse Highbrow Cat (recently deceased). Cat Ichis Dam, Laney Doc - producer of over $1,300,000. Cat is a 3/4 brother to Spooked By A Cat (LTE $345,000.) - Cat Ichis 2nd highest All Time Money Earner. Cats Dam is an NCHA Money Earning daughter of One Time Pepto (LTE $ 331,000.) out of the great mare,San Starlight, producer of over $1,500,000. Maternal sisters include - Spookys Cash (LTE $284,000.), Reyzin The Cash (LTE $ 278,000.) If you want the REAL DEAL, here he is. 5 panel N/N.Great roan color. Quiet disposition. Money maker.


Zippos Blackburn Dun "Smokey"

2018, 14.3, AQHA Grulla mare

Sire: Smokey Blackburn 023 (Mr Poco Blackburn 023 by Forty Caballeros)

Dam: Zippos Boston Tee (Boston Pete x Jay Dee Skip)

Smokey is a gorgeous Grulla filly. Old school bloodlines. Fluid way of moving. Perfect head and neck. Quiet, easy going, people friendly. She's the right kind. She'll be added to our broodmare band if not sold. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.


Pretty Blue Queen "Queen"

2018, 14.3 AQHA Silver Grulla mare

Sire: Zippo Blue Valentine (Blues Kingfisher x Boston Diamond)

Dam: Ole Pretty Alice (Blutcher Buck x Foxy Clabber)

Beautiful silver Grulla filly. Old school foundation bloodlines. Great color. Great pedigree. Great disposition. Bright future for this filly. She'll make a great rider. Also make a top broodmare, which is what I'll do if not sold. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.


Pretty Blue Queen and Zippos Blackburn Dun

Video of both Grulla fillies below

High Rolling River "CK"

2015, 15.1, AQHA Blue Roan gelding

Sire: Drifts Lonsum Style (Drifts Chip x High Rolling Roany)

Dam: Peptos Lil Anjolina (Peptos Stylish Oak x Playin Outlaw)

CK is a great - one owner All Around gelding. He has picked up Pee Wee riders off broncs at Pee Wee Rodeos. He won the Belt Buckle at his first Ranch Rodeo. CK has been shot off of. Cracked whips off of. Headed about 80 steers out of the box and did great. Trail ridden and goes anywhere. Ridden by ladies,and by beginners. True All Arounder. We take firearms in on trade.


CL Georges Gemboy "Canyon"

2015, 15.2, Bay gelding

Sire: Red Lils Rain Man (Docs Lasso x Bartletts Buck)

Dam: DG Mammas Black Gen (Colonel Black Jack by Colonel Ric)

Canyon is a super broke, solid gelding. Goes anywhere, anytime on the trail. Lopes nice circles, takes both leads. Works off your feet. Crack whips off him. Carry flags off him. Canyon will lay down beside you on command. Real broke gelding. We take firearms as trade in.



2015, 15.1, Dun gelding

Iceman is a quiet, safe gelding. An eight year old girl won the Pee Wee Mounted Shooting off him. Ridden by kids. Ridden by ladies. Ridden by beginners. He's hads guns shot off him. Solid, trustworthy gelding. We take firearms in on trade.



2013, 15h, Dun gelding

Tig is a super quiet, docile, not a care in the world type gelding. Trail rides quietly. Goes where you ask him. Neck reins, but not a reining horse. Not afraid of a rope but no rope horse. Nice honest gelding. We take firearms as trade in.


Cash Nu Winnings "Pickle"

2014, 15.2, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Nu Cash Cow (Nu Cash x Tuf N Busy)

Dam: Flint Rock Gin (Tanquery Tin by Doc Olena)

Pickle is a very quiet, solid trail horse, rope horse, kid horse.Really gentle, easy going.Ridden by every kid ion the nieghborhood. Ridden by ladies. Ridden by beginners. Roped and Doctored cattle in the pasture. Headed a handful out of the box.Nice solid gelding. We take firearms in on trade.



2014, 15.1, Bay Roan gelding

Super quiet, solid trail horse. Goes anywhere he's asked. Ties quiet. Loads good. Roped the dummy a handful of times. Took to the rope like he'd done it for years. Stays quiet.We take firearms in on trade.


Sherer Bueno Chex "Chex"

2018, 14.3 AQHA Buckskin mare

Sire: Smokey Blackburn 023 (Mr Poco Blackburn 023 by Forty Caballeros)

Dam: Pepichex Reflection (Bueno Pepichex by Peppy Bar San)

Chex is a great colored well made, bulldog type filly. Halter broke and ready to go. Priced for quick sale to reduce numbers before winter. Money maker. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.


Coronas Buckwheat "Nacho"

2013, 14.3, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Peppy Poco Tejona (Poco Peppy Reed by Peppys Dominance)

Dam: Coronas San Sugar (Separate Coronas by Separatist)

Nacho is a super nice, honest gelding. Used for all aspects of Ranch work. Rope/Doctor. Drag to the fire. Used in Ranch Rodeos. Used at the local stockyards extensively, sorting, driving, penning, etc. Honest on the Trails, goes anywhere. Kids ride him. Hobble broke. Ground ties. Loads good. Ties good. Hauls good. He's the right kind. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold to Idaho - Thanks Lightning 7 Cattle Co LLC

Lucky Money Chick "Chick"

2018, 14.2, AQHA Red Roan filly

Sire: Smooth Talk Doc (Meradas Money Talks x Docs Hickory)

Dam: Cheeriosnluckycharms (Down The Road Jack x Lucky Sonita Jack)

Chick is a beautiful red roan, well bred filly. Meradas Money Talks ($47,894 in earnings, and nearly $2,000,000 in producer earnings.), Freckles Merada, Docs Hickory, Down The Road Jack and Lucky Sonita Jack are ALL on her face papers. Nice shapey, great colored filly with her entire future ahead. We will keep her as a broodmare prospect for ourselves if not sold soon. She's the right kind. We take firearms in on trade.


Rap Cat Dunnit "Rapper"

2015, 14h, AQHA Bay mare

Sire: Rap Cat (Highbrow Cat x Young Gun)

Dam: Dunnits Topsail (Hollywood Dunnit x Topsail Cody)

Rap Cat Dunnit (Rapper) is an own daughter of the great Rap Cat - $52,000. Erngs. She has Rap Cat, High Brow Cat, High Brow Hickory, Young Gun and Hollywood Dunnit ALL on her face papers. Top bred mare. She was started at a Cutting facility and has since been used in the arena and for trail riding. Crosses water, goes alone or in a group. Walks, trots, lopes nice tight circles. She has a great stop and a great turn around. Very quick, catty and knows where her feet are. Top Heel horse, Working Cowhorse, Cutting or Team Penning prospect, or a great looking trail horse with the right moves. We take firearms in on trade.

$6000 - Deposit received

VSR Zan Otoe Pacific

2018, 14.3, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: VSR Pacman (Zans Rawhide x VR Handyman Jack)

Dam: Rawhide Saphire (Zans Rawhide x Doc Sealey)

Pac is a very well made, well bred yearling gelding. Comes from an extremely long line of Performance horses. Pacs mother has won a dozen belt buckles and a truck load of money Heading/Heeling. A full sister to Pacs mother, Zan Otoe Bubbles, is my star broodmare. Pac will do the same in the right hands. Halter broke. Loads great. Ties great. Personable/friendly type dispostion. Big pretty eye. Nice pretty head/neck. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Arkansas - Thanks Heath

Stripes Jae Bar "Poco"

2005, 15.1, AQHA Black Point Dun gelding

Sire: Jae Bar Stripe (Poco King Stripe by Poco Stripe)

Dam: Killer Six (Docs Tom Thumb x Six Adams)

Poco was born and raised at a therapeutic riding center. He spent the next eleven years helping the less fortunate gain confidence in their riding skills. Poco spent the next couple years helping a mature woman regain her riding confidence at a local boarding facility. Said woman suffered a back injury, which made getting on/riding a horse to difficult. With much regret, she sold him to me. He is very docile, easy to catch, load, etc. Stands tied quietly. No buck. No running off. More whoa than go. Very easy keeper. Big, raw boned, foundation build. Big foot. He can carry most anyone. 100% sound. Pocos kind are hard to find. we take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold to Arkansas - Thanks Karen

Dually Monkey

2015, 14.3, AQHA Black Stallion

Sire: Monkey Que Bar (Cue Bar Peppy x Chunkys Monkey)

Dam: Sallys Got A Dually (Dual Pep x Docs Fair)

Very correct, athletic young stallion. Sires stout, colored, correct foals. Several of them on this page. Easy to handle. Loads great. Ridden 30 days as a two year old. I use him to pasture breed and get along great. No threat to foals, or mankind. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.


Two Eyed San Dollar "Dozer"

2008, 15.2, AQHA Palomino gelding

Sire: Mr Two Eyed Red Buck (Two Eyed Red Buck x Watch Joe Jack)

Dam: San Peppy Ray (Peppy San Badger x Freckles Cavalier)

Dozer has been trail ridden extensively, by a lady rider. He's been trail ridden in South Dakota, in the Colorado mountains, at the Shawnee National Forest in Missouri, at the week long trail ride/campout in Emminence, Mo. He just recently returned from a week at the Clinton Arkansas Chuckwagon races. Very solid, anyone can get along with type horse. Safe for the entire crew. Delivery available.

Sold to Arkansas - Thanks Karen

Cowboys Burning Twist "Cowboy"

2015,k 15.1, AQHA Red Roan gelding

Sire: Kros Frosty Cowboy (Krog Classy Cowboy by Redmount Blue)

Dam: Twisty Tandy Girl (Perty Buck Poco x Clipper Zan))

Cowboy is a great using horse. Ranched on. Roped and Doctored in the pasture. Headed a handful out of the box. SUPER smooth, fluid way of moving. Nearly anyone can safely ride Cowboy. We take firearms as trade in. Great color. Great disposition. Great mind. Great ride. Ridden around the place by nine and ten year old brother and sister. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.

Sold here in Missouri - Thanks Carl

Woodie Blue Hancock "Woodrow"

2015, 14.3, AQHA Blue Roan gelding

Sire: Bubba Blue Hancock (Blue Boy Hancock x Blue Boy Hancock)

Dam: Yo Pay Seteradrift (Pat Cowan by Sun Frost)

Woodrow has been Ranched on. Roped and Doctored cattle. Dragged cattle to the branding fire. Been trail ridden extensively. Super quiet and easy going. Ridden by an eight year old boy and a ten year old boy. We take firearms in on trade. Delivery available.


Iluminators Diablo "Diablo"

2013, 16h, Gray gelding

Sire: Mr Illuminator Gray (Dick Badger x Gray Mac Lee)

Dam: Jesses Sugar Bar (Jesses Diablo by Docs Diablo)

Diablo is a really nice, easy going gelding. He's been trail ridden in numerous different states. He's packed elk out of the Colorado mountains. He's gathered hundreds of cattle in the pasture. He's worked the local stockyards, sorting, penning cattle, opening gates, etc. Great minded young horse. Delivery available.



2019, AQHA & APHA Bay colt

Sire: Smokey Blackburn 023 (Forty Caballeros x Diamond N King K Jo)

Dam: PQH Coco Lena (Freckles Playboy x Doc Olena)

Athletic, well built colt. Double registered AQHA & APHA. Sister sold for $10,000. Delivery available. 25% down holds him til he's weaned Oct.1st We take firearms in on trade.


2019, AQHA Bay colt

Sire: Smokey Blackburn 023 (Forty Caballeros by Mr Blackburn 40)

Dam: FQH Genuine Blast (Paddys Irish Whiskey x Genuine 007)

Very well bred, shapey, athletic colt. Sure to be a top athlete. He's a later colt. Photos at 5 weeks. 25% down holds him. Balance due at weaning Oct. 1st. No interest. No board. We take firearms as trade in. Delivery available.


Rios Peeking In My TP "Rio"

2018, APHA Red Roan Overo gelding

Sire: Weavers Okie Boon (Merada Ima Boonsmal by Peptoboonsmal)

Dam: Norfleets Tinker Bell (Norfleets Priazzo by Mr Norfleet)

Rio is an extremely athletic Yearling Stallion/Performance prospect. Great color. Red Roan Overo, big belly spot. Super handy on his feet. Like to keep him, but just can't keep em all. Bright future for this colt. We take hay and firearms as trade in. Delivery available.



2019, APHA, Red Dun Overo colt

Sire: Bobs Honey Papa (Rowdy Blue Bob x Mr Red Paleface)

Dam: Brooks Marked Dun (Colonel Freckles x Tuff Little Lena)

Great colored, well bred APHA Stallion/Performance prospect. Extremely docile and people friendly.Comes from a very long line of proven performance horses. His Dam has won money in Heading, Heeling and Team Sorting. She also won the Best Ranch Horse belt buckle at a local Ranch Rodeo, in a field of 40+ geldings. His Black Overo Sire is just starting his roping career. Deposit holds him. We take firearms in on trade.


2018, AQHA Bay stallion

Sire: Zan Otoe Special (Zans Rawhide x Sun Otoe)

Dam: CC Star Ana (Star Image x Guthrie Double Star)

Old school foundation bred yearling stallion/performance prospect. Sire is 22 years old and an own son of Zans Rawhide. Dam is 23 years old and line bred Oklahoma Star & Bert. Great colored colt. Big pretty eye. As quiet, easy going, teachable and docile a colt as I've handled. Bright future for this young colt. Reluctantly for sale. Just can't keep em all. AQHA papers applied for, be back soon. We take firearms and hay as trade in. Delivery available.

Sold locally to my buddy Matt - Thank you

OHR Connor Tivio "Chigger"

2013, AQHA Gray gelding

Sire: Doc Blue Hancock (Doc Quixote Hancock by Roy Boy Hancock)

Dam: MCR Ronda Tivio (San Grinder Tivio by Jessie Tivio)

Chigger is a finished Head horse. Winning 15,000. cash and 3 Gold Cards at All-Star Ropings. Roped at the Lazy E Arena. Scores like a rock. 1 steer or 100. Anyone can rope off him. Rope and Doctor cattle in the pasture. Two teenage girls borrow him for Breakaway roping and Steer Stopping. Chigger was loaned to a 10 year old boy so he could attend a week long, 800. roping school. Kids ride him double around the place. 3 or 4 Header. Heeled a handful. Chigger is the real deal. We take firearms as trade in..

Sold to Kentucky - Thanks Mitchell


2019, AQHA Bay colt

Sire: Spoonin Roan (Peptoboonsmal x Docs Stylish Oak)

Dam: CD Hickory Rose (CD Olena x Gold Fingers)

Top bred, athletic colt with a bright future. Riener or Cowhorse waiting to happen. Good Bay color. 25% holds him until weaning Sept.1st when balance is due. His Sire is an own son of He's A Peptospoonful. We take firearms or skid steer attachments in on trade.


2019, AQHA Palomino filly

Sire: Dually Monkey (Dual Pep x Doc Olena)

Dam: Pepichex Reflection (Peppy San x Bueno Chex)

Athletic, great colored filly. 25% down. Balance due Sept. 1st at weaning. No interest. No board. Sells on her Registration. We take firearms and hay as trade in. Delivery available.

Sold to Michigan - Thanks William

2019, ApHC Bay Blanketed filly

Sire: Watch Me Move (Ima Bartender Two x Hawkeye Rock)

Dam: Pixie Mouse (Wendy Dude x Son Of A Doc)

25% down, balance due Sept. 1st at weaning. Stout made filly. Gorgeous head/ear. Spots on her rump. Correct, stand up filly. No interest. No board. Delivery available. Firearms or quality hay taken as trade in. Sells on Registration Aplication. Delivery available.


2019 AQHA Red Dun colt

Sire: Champagne N Caviar Pip (Cougarand x Silver Poco King)

Dam: Dolly Sue King (Continental King x Boston Pete)

Big stout, great colored colt. Will grow up to be a strong color producer. We take firearms as trade in. 500. down payment, with the balance due by September 1st at weaning time. No board. No interest.

Sold to Illinois - Thanks Bianca

2019 AQHA Buckskin filly

Sire: Dually Monkey (Dual Pep x Doc Olena

Dam: Lowrys Buttermilk (Lowreys Prescription x Royal Hotrodder)

Beautiful Buckskin filly by our Black Dual Pep/Doc OLena Stallion, Duallys Monkey. Dam is Buttermilk Buckskin. Top quality filly. Keen little head, big eye. Athletic. Bright future for her. 750 down payment. Payments how you choose. Balance due by September 1st at weaning time. No board. No interest. We take firearms as trade in. Delivery available.


Watch Jack Do It "Dallas"

2015, 15.3, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Barons Genuine Doc (Mr Baron Red x Genuine Doc)

Dam: Do Watch Bonnie ( Watch Joe Jack x Do Jack)

Beautiful Buckskin gelding. Been to the Colorado mountains camping/trail riding. Great one hand rein. Smooth lope. Started roping the dummy some. Loads great. Stands tied great. Very broke, very well bred young gelding with a bright future.


RC Peppy Last Splash "Peppy"

2014, 15h, AQHA/FQHR Bay gelding

Sire: Say Peppy Please (Doc Bar x Peppy San Badger)

Dam: Okies Last Splash (Okie Leo x Poco B Good)

Peppy is a very talented young gelding. Been brought along slow by a knowledable young lady with a soft touch. He collects up great. Flexs at the poll. Lopes slow, controlled circles. Knows where his feet are. Great stop. He's right on track to progress to the next level. Heel,Penning,Reining prospect. Double registered AQHA and FQHR. We take firearms in on trade.

Sold here in Missouri - Thanks Carl

Watch How D Lad "Pistal"

2015, 15.1, AQHA Buckskin gelding

Sire: Ario Watch (Stearns Bar King x Skippa Approve)

Dam: Sonnys How D Lady ( Sonnys Beau Hunk x How D Dominating)

Pistal is a very handy, well broke young gelding. Started roping. Used in the sorting pen weaning calves, etc. Lots of cow to him. Enjoys his work.09/05/2019 he was the sorting horse on a 200 head cow gathering,weaning, sorting task. Ground covering walk. Rides on a completely loose rien, head down. Nice gelding at the peak of his career. Delivery available.

Sold to Illinios - Thanks Rafael

"Bill" and "Bo"

2012 and 2013, 15.1, Friesian, Percheron, AQHA geldings

Bill & Bo are by a Black Friesian/Percheron Sire, out of a great Blue Roan AQHA mare. They are 3 and 4 year olds. Both 15.1 Full brothers. Wears a 21" collar. Broke to drive. Been to the Colorado mountains. Very fancy pair. Used by the Amish to mow hay, haul in big bales, etc. Both have lots of pull. Lots of hours for their age. Started under saddle and riding great. These two should stay together. $17,000. buys the pair. Vet check welcome. Coggins and Clean health report furnished. We trade for Firearms or top of the line spurs.

Sold to Texas -Thank You



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